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Collaborative Divorce

A financial neutral can be retained as part of a collaborative divorce and typically assists with providing objective financial expertise including business valuations, guideline income reports and matrimonial property statements. If you are unfamiliar with collaborative divorce click the button below to learn more.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

What to Expect

As a collaboratively trained professional, Crystal Hawryluk approaches all collaborative matters with open and transparent communication with all parties involved. Crystal's findings will be presented to the clients (including their respective lawyers) in a 5-way meeting, allowing all parties to ask questions in an open forum, while continuing to work towards a collaborative solution. Crystal's focus is to take complex financial matters and explain them in easy to understand terms. She recognizes that numbers can be intimidating and encourages all parties to ask questions throughout the collaborative process and meeting(s).


Find a Collaborative Lawyer

If you are at the beginning of the divorce process and are seeking a collaborative lawyer, follow the link below to be redirected to the Collaborative Divorce Alberta Association's directory of collaboratively trained professionals.

Find a Collaborative Lawyer